-The Founders-

During late 2017, four individuals from different parts of the world came together to create something new. After spending time on another platform it restricted the growth as a community, so they decided to share their passions with the world and showcase the power of their collaboration through Creative Unity. This four-way collaboration took place from Canada, The United Kingdom, The United States of America and Australia. They wanted to share their passions on a global scale and give others the chance to get their names out there as they did in the past. The founders are shown as below:

(1) Charles Mendoza (aka Chuck):

Chuck is based in Canada and is a personal blogger who covers a wide range of different lifestyle topics. He is also the visionary behind many projects he was involved with in the past: Bead Freakz, Urban Facetrade and Itembox. Chuck is a self-taught individual and believes that every question deserves an answer. Through the years of reverse engineering each platform he used, Chuck wanted to start something new. After years of waiting, he found the people to develop something that they could all confidently stand for. He promised to himself and the team that they needed to nurture and guide their new project until it’s mature enough to stand on its own.

Creative Unity Author Profile

Personal Website  – Its Me Chuck


(2) Elisa Bohanan:

Elisa is based in the United States of America and is a professional product tester. She primarily reviews items sold on Amazon, however, also tests from other sites too. After spending a year on another writing platform, she wanted to be able to develop something new, with the chance to allow others to share what they love. Providing others with the chance to share their content on an online platform that would be engaging, supportive and friendly is what she sought for.

Creative Unity Author Profile

Personal Website  – Moms Time Out Chair



(3) Chelsea Eede:

Chelsea is based in the United Kingdom and is a freelance writer and an aspiring author. She spent two years studying a degree in animals, only to realise afterward that she did not want to take that path, but instead, focus on her writing. Fortunately, she still had a keen willingness to learn. This is how she met three other like-minded individuals on another writing platform who had similar goals as her; to develop a website that enables peoples passions to flourish within a community that is both friendly, engaging and diverse. As an overall goal, she wanted to give everyone the chance to contribute to a platform that allows them to share their work and receive the recognition they deserve through their continuous efforts.

Creative Unity Author Profile

Personal Website – Inquisitive Wisdom



(4) Anh Ha:

Anh Ha is based in Australia and is a contract copywriter, aspiring entrepreneur, and professional poker player. Joining a group of fellow writers on social media and realising the irony that existed in the lack of communication, it prompted him to reach out with his wayward sense of humour and get involved. That act forged a strong friendship with the writers and culminated into what he hopes will be a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor. Anh would like Creative Unity to become a platform for quality content, rigorous news, be community driven, and ultimately one that provokes real thought and insight from its readers.

Creative Unity Author Profile 

MCXV Author Profile 


-End Note-

Together, they created a name that meant something they were all able to confidently represent. The words ‘Creative Unity,’ meant something that they could all share and promote. It was through the power of teamwork, friendship, shared goals and a strong determination, that they would be successful in their efforts. From creating YouTube videos to writing articles to reviewing products; a new site was designed, which represented what they stood for; a creative union of individuals sharing their work for the everyone to see.

Whether you are a writer, a painter, a photographer, an author, a YouTube personality or more, you now have the chance to contribute your passion to an engaging and friendly community.

Let us unite in creativity and add a bit of colour to our lives.

Take the first step and sign-up today.

We need more creativity in the world.

Thank you.