Billboards 2017 Year End Charts: Hot 100 Songs


Before we get to the “Hot 100 Songs of 2017” list, I’d like to share a memory with you.

Music has been my therapy for my emotions and as weird as it sounds, a time capsule for my memories. Have you ever had a flashback when a specific song came on? Well, that is what I mean by a time capsule for my memories. I can remember good times and bad times associated with some songs. One song that I will never forget is the song from my high school graduation called, Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C. This song marked the graduating class of 2000 also known as the “Millennium Grads.”

I’m sure many other graduation classes after 2000 used this song for slideshows or even performed it. For old times sake, here is the video and look at the fashion from back then.

(Video Source: Elektra Records)

What was the point of that story?

Each year there are a set of songs or a playlist that sticks with you. Some songs are played one too many times on the radio and may come off as really annoying or songs that are simply your kind of jam.

For many years, the Billboards have been listing their “Year End Charts Hot 100 Songs.” I have to admit that the 2017 list triggered a lot of memories, see for yourself.

(Video Source: Billboards)

Final thoughts.

I’m sure that some songs deserved a better position on the charts, but 100 of these songs summed up my 2017 playlist. Comment down below and let me know what your favourite songs were from the “Billboards 2017 Year End Charts: Hot 100 Songs”. I’d also like to know what your theme song was from your graduation.

People see me as a thinker and I love solving puzzles. It’s my instinct to reverse engineer almost everything that I come in contact with. So if you need another mind to look at something, that’s me!

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