Creating a Story From My Music

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I tend to create my music whilst imagining things, which makes it easier for me to turn it into something catchy. There are no limits to the types of music developed either, as there are a wide range of category sound clips to choose from. I will include the link to the programme I use to help create these music videos. 


I create and develop my music using the programme  – Music Maker Jam then upload it onto – Soundcloud.

This site is very handy as it provides pre-recorded sound clips from a wide range of different music categories, therefore, whatever you create, no-one else would have created it. You can also play around with the beats, harmony, speed, length and more of the music you are developing. Overall, it is a great programme to use, especially for beginners. I would also recommend setting up a ‘SoundCloud’ account, as it gives you the ability to upload your newly created music mp3 files to a platform that is designed for music producers etc. There is a free version that can be upgraded via ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium,’ if you want more upload time for your files.

The Musical Story; The Astral Foreigner:

This is a three part music file, that is a mix of classical, beatboxing and instrumental. They all consist of 5-8 minutes, and have a range of different musicalal instruments within them. Can you guess what they are?

(1) Over the Hills:

This is the first part of the music series and is the beginning of the story. It is about the discovery of an ancient astral being who comes to exist within modern day society and finds himself, through a sudden journey of prayer, betrayal and hope. It disguises himself as a young human boy to blend in, but soon finds he is being followed by those who would seek his power and ultimate destruction. Little does he know, he has ethereal abilities, which can cause him to do the most magnificent of things, but also destructive, and the people that are after him want to take his power to cause destruction to an already crumbling world. The young boy knows that this is not right, so does whatever he can to protect himself from those who would harm him, including summoning help from above. As an astral being, he has the power to summon angels and magical creatures to help him in times of crisis, but he also has the power to control the light and bring the darkness. What will this young boy do when he is cornered by these people?

(2) Travelling From A Distant Land:

Thisis the second part of the music series and tells how the young boy travels through a modern-day society, whilst on the run from those who would seek him harm. He will do whatever he can to get his power away from these people and finds that he has skills, which are handy in the most awkward of situations, including parkour and shapeshifting. While running, he has regular flashbacks that show him how he came to be, in a world full of monsters and why he was awoken. He also finds out why he was awoken and what he must do with his abilites; free the world from darkness and recreate a world of purity. How will the young boy go about doing this? Will he fail or succeed at his task? He runs to the nearest church and prays to those who would help him in his mission. He is told that help is always available, and that he would not have to go through this alone. Just as he finds peace within one of the holiest of places, trouble arrives.

(3) Come Unto Thy Light:

This is the final part of the music series. It begins in a church where the young boy prays in silence. The church is silent and no-one is around to cause him harm. He looks up and sees the painted windows, knowing full well what he needs to do. As he feels pressured to commit to this task, he frees himself from the disguise and sits in freedom. He no longer has a gender and becomes genderless, but instead, a glowing figure with no face or bodily features. Just a glowing figure, in the shape of a human child. Once trouble arrives, he lift his hands and the statues within the church begin to come to life and focus their gaze upon those who would seek the astral being harm. They protect it and the being lifts his hands up once more. Suddenly, light from the painted windows, the statues and the astral being digs deep into the ground and cracks the surface. The earth began to shake and the darkness hidden within the hearts of men began to show. Knowing full well that this figure had to eradicate any aspects of darkness, it used the remainder of its power to drag the darkness from the hearts of men into the deep pits of hell itself and sometimes, the men with it if they could not be saved from their own corruption. The story ends with the emitting a non-destructive explosion and turning all things grey into colour, and making the world one of paradise and good, once again.

End Note:

If you would like me to make any more stories with my music files, please let me know and I will do my best to contend to your requests.

Thank you for reading and listening.

I am a freelance writer and aspiring author. My passion lies within UK adult education, stigmatised topics and mental health, however, I aim to keep an open mind.

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