Established in late 2017, Creative Unity Online is designed to ensure contributors can upload and share their content within a friendly and ever-growing community. An opportunity to share your experiences, get to know you better as people and give you the chance to get your work out there for the rest of the world to see.

Creative Unity Online is an opportunity for content creators to contribute content to a site, that is visible to a collaborative audience of its community.

-Mission Statement-

The mission of Creative Unity Online is to achieve a high standard in the development and production of creative content on this platform. It is an inclusive community dedicated to the promotion, innovation and excellence in good quality content, creative activity and it provides its readers to voice opinions on the content available on the site.

We welcome and support individuals from all over the world that contributes knowledge, experiences and artistic expression both nationally and internationally.

-Our Vision-

Here at Creative Unity Online, we believe in the idea of collaborating with several content creators to reach out organically to the right audience.

Our goal is to offer our visitors valuable content from several niches and to create a one-stop shop environment for your daily media consumption. Creative Unity Online is a media plug for readers and the resource comes from the talented collaborators and contributors of the site.

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Meet the team at Creative Unity Online: Anh, Chuck and Elisa.

Anh is from Australia. As a lover of the English language and a keen observer of the wonderful quirks of human nature, he is a philosopher at heart. Anh loves to explore the human psyche and his writing strives at raw and honest thoughts. One of his goals is to help Creative Unity Online achieve critical milestones, by investing his patience and intelligence with the smart practitioners in the team. As our Finance Director, Anh’s contributions have also made this Online venture an achievable reality.

Chuck is from Canada, he is the Creative foundation of the site and also a man with a million ideas. Chuck loves reverse engineering things and audits them to make it more simplified and most of all efficient. He believes, an idea is never yours until you start executing on them to make it your reality.


Elisa is from the USA. As a professional product reviewer and affiliate marketer, she is an influential powerhouse with her craft. Elisa is a very passionate content creator; her big heart is what fuels the strength and drive of the team’s Unity.




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