Datally: A Mobile Data Manager App by Google

What is Datally?

The mobile app¬†Datally¬†(by Google) is a tool that allows users to control and manage their data usage. Data-hungry apps can now be switched off when not in use and most importantly you can assign which apps have priority over your data. For your convenience, Datally can also find nearby public WiFi hotspots; the list is available on the “Find WiFi” tab in your app. Sometimes you will need to connect with businesses for free local WiFi and then you experience horrible WiFi service. As an added feature, users may rate their experience with the WiFi location. The information is then used to help the app suggest better places for other users who are looking for excellent WiFi service.

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As for regular data usage without access to Wifi, I’m glad that I can monitor and control which apps are draining my data. I have 20GB of data shared between 2 devices; occasionally I do go over my available monthly data allowance. How? Well, as you know I’m a blogger who is busy doing other activities like sending attachments with emails, vlogging, updating my social media stories and uploading pictures. It apparently requires a lot of data for the line of work that I do unless you have WiFi nearby. For others that love playing games and have several apps loaded on their phone, the Datally app would benefit them.

Download Datally now from the Google Play Store >>>Right Here

Final Thoughts

I’m always on the go and data is essential for me to conserve. In Vancouver, free local WiFi is available almost everywhere but not all of the signals are excellent. I usually get disconnected from the WiFi at busy establishments or encounter weak signals. This may be my favourite app for now and I’m glad that user reviews help Datally suggest the best locations for other users. The problem that many of these apps are causing is that the apps are permitted to run in the background. Therefore, additional usage of megabytes is used even when you are not using an app. Every megabyte matters and it adds up at the end of the month.

Let me know what you think of Google’s Datally. Email me at to share your personal experience with me. I own a Google Pixel (1st generation), so my experience with the app may vary from yours.

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