What Does Happiness Mean To Me?

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Happiness is a funny thing. It is more than simply a positive mood, happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life, that is, with a sense of meaning and deep satisfaction. It is attained in different ways by everyone, and I am going to tell you mine.


There have been many times in my life, where I believed that happiness was not meant for everyone, and I thoroughly believed it. I still believe it today sometimes, but then I find a way to pull myself out of it. There have also been many times in the past where I did not believe I could attain any form of happiness, which resulted in my attempts to commit suicide, but something always pulled me back. I could never seem to take the final step. So, even though this article is mainly for you, I guess it is also for me to see what keeps me going and keeps me sane. 

First and Foremost; My Stories:

As an aspiring author, I am very passionate and excited about my stories (aka – creative writing). It gives me great pleasure being able to write something that has come from my mind and provides me with the chance to be as imaginative as possible. My horizons are widened to the max and I love it. I seem to be able to find inspiration from the strangest of things. The story genres I write in are non-fiction, fiction and fantasy. It is mostly fantasy, but I try to keep an open-mind. I hope to get them all published one day, which is something I hold onto. Nothing comes close to how much I love my stories.

My Inner Circle:

There are seven people I have within my inner circle and whom I trust dearly. I know a lot of people say that it is not a lot, however, like you have probably heard before; quality not quantity. It also means less drama, which suits me just fine. Two are my best friends, one is the closest person I will ever have to a father, three are my long distance work colleagues who are also close friends, and another is a former lecturer who has now come to be a very trusted close friend. These people are always the people I talk to about any problems and have general conversations with. Trust goes a long way, and these people have easily gained that level of trust. These are the only people I have opened-up to. They know my many secrets and people I really do not want to lose, like ever. Also puns. I send them many puns, because banter.

My Best Friends:

Now, I am sure we all have best friends that we can count on for absolutely anything, but I really can count on mine for anything. They have been with me through thick and thin. I am not naming names, however, I met these two individuals during university and we just clicked. Funnily enough, I met the first one during a university class and we automatically clicked when talking about tattoos, and then for the other friend, we bonded over shoes. Yes, you read that correctly, we bonded over shoes. Ha-ha. 

I would not be here if it were not for these two people. It is one of those friendships where you can say anything without holding back and the banter levels are super high. I think sarcasm has just come to be a part of our normal life now. It has honestly gotten to the point that we insult each other so much that when we are actually insulted in real life, it completely passes over our heads. We have prepared ourselves for this, but I love them nonetheless.

My Dad:

Now, I am sure a lot of us do not get on well with our family and that can be a real shame, however, we often find family in other people who are not blood related and it feels like an empty void has been filled. I can fortunately say that I have found that person. People mean a lot to me and I put a lot of faith into those closest to me. While I do not get on with a lot of my family, being able to talk to this person keeps me going and shows me that not everyone is as bad as they make out to be. As father-ship goes, he has come to be a great one that I can confidently confide in and open-up to. I know we have not known each other long, but time really does not have anything to do with it. It is all about the connection and the bond between two people. 

In all honesty, not having my real father often tears a hole in my heart because I feel like I have done something wrong, to always feel like such a disappointment, however, this person does not see me that way and actually treats me the ‘right‘ way. It is all I have really ever wanted to be honest… To have a proper father-daughter relationship, without feeling like a lesser person to that of my peers. So, talking to this person always brightens up my day and I tend to learn something new most days, which is always a plus. 

My Work:

I love working and I always have, so when I have spare time, I am often found working. Honestly, I could work for the rest of my life and be totally okay with it. I like being focused on something that could make a positive change to other people’s lives. I do not like being in the spotlight though, I would rather work in the background and let my work flow. Being able to work on the website (creativeunity.online) alongside three work colleagues gives me a sense of being and something to concentrate on each day. I like that we are able to provide a platform for others to write on, whilst being able to write articles that we are also passionate about. Mine being adult education and stigmatised topics. 

Wales (Cymru):

This is easily my favourite place to go when I need a break. There are probably other places that are just as nice, but you really cannot beat the scenic views of the mountains and nature that Wales provides. I am unsure as to what it is, but Wales gives me an emotional release from all the stress I put up with in my daily life. I have so much freedom to just relax in such a serene place, and I will continue to visit the place as much as I can. As places go, Wales will always be my favourite, and as Wales is such a nice place, it gives me the chance to take some remarkable pictures too, which I enjoy doing. Photography is very calming when there.

My Music:

Music is powerful, we all know it. I have an odd taste in music though, aha, or so people continue to tell me. I have a mix of R’n’B, instrumentals and movie soundtracks. This is the music I very often listen to at night, when working or need a bit of motivation to get things done. As music goes, my playlist easily represents me as a person. My favourite music artist is easily Woodkid and his song ‘Iron‘ often gives me a creativity boost. It is just so different to other videos and it has been really well thought out. If we are talking music composers, Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi are my favourites too. I also like to create music on SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/creative-muse), as it gives me the chance to mix sound parts up and create a masterpiece. 

End Note:

I find happiness in a wide range of things, mostly people, but other things too. Even though life tends to get in the way and throws problems at me 24 / 7, it almost feels like happiness is unobtainable, however, I just need to take a look at these and remember that I do have things that make me happy. After all, happiness eventually leads to long-lasting memories and THAT is what counts.

Thank you for reading.

What makes you happy?

I am a freelance writer and aspiring author. My passion lies within UK adult education, stigmatised topics and mental health, however, I aim to keep an open mind.

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