How to Get Your Ring Size?

How to Get Your Ring Size?

Have you been online shopping for awesome deals on jewelry but didn’t know what your ring size was? I recently was shopping on Amazon for some ring deals when I realized I had no idea what my ring size was, and which finger I wanted to size to wear the jewelry on. Each finger is a different size!

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There are a few different ways you can size your finger to get the appropriate ring size and Zales has a printable to help! In their printable, Zales identifies the following three ways you can obtain the ring size.

String Test

This concept is simple.

Take a piece of string, wrap it around your desired finger and cut to size, use a sizing chart to get the size measurement. Viola!

Paper Test

Print out the Zales sizing chart. Cut out the paper sizing section. It will make a complete circle when your finger is inserted, then just pull the paper through til the paper is snug and you have your ring size. Easy-peasy!

Secret Test

If you aren’t shopping for yourself, then it might be even trickier to get the ring size of someone else, short of asking them and them actually knowing. Besides, that might tip them off to an upcoming surprise. With this test, you’ll need to print out the Zales sizing chart, then grab a ring that is often worn by the person you’re shopping for, then place the ring on the circles until you find the correct measurement.

Now you can easily size yourself or anyone you might be shopping for! Get out there and grab a deal!

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