Joe Weller: A Heart of Gold.

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On the 4th February 2018, a boxing match between Joe Weller and KSI came to a swift end, however, there were many moments leading up to the fight that were remarkable and Joe Weller made a real impression to all those watching. He may have lost the fight, but he has become a real inspiration to many. The young man with a heart of gold.


Joe Weller is a British YouTube personality, who has over 4 million subscribers. His channel was created on the 22nd June 2012, and since then it has been ever-growing. He uploads blogs, FIFA related content, music and comedic videos. He also has his own brand and merchandise, found here – (

The Boxing Match:

Why did it all start?

The two young men feuded in videos on social media long before their fight in East London through the form of ‘diss-tracks,’ demoralising tweets and profane challenge videos. Then at an Upload event, the two of them came face to face and Joe Weller shoulder barged KSI across the stage, which turned violent. Since then, both of the young men trained hard for months to finally face each other in the boxing ring where one of them would be knocked out. Not only was their reputation on the line, but also their outlook and promises to fans. All the talk they gave to one another at the panels and conferences were to come to light at the boxing match.

The Match:

On the 4th February, a boxing match between two YouTube personalities took place at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; KSI and Joe Weller. Over 8,000 people attended the event and millions of people watched it live on YouTube. As each competitor took hard punches from each other through the rounds, KSI came out victorious, and the two young men shook hands in respect of both their efforts; a form of great sportsmanship.

Joe Weller’s Admirable Moments:

Even though Joe Weller lost the match, he has come to be known for many other things from the events leading up to the match, during it and after. See moments as below:

(1) The Upload Event Stand-Off– Joe Weller has a positive reputation behind him and while he has many fans, he also has many haters. However, after watching the Upload Event Panel, he did something remarkable, which touched the lives of many. As Joe Weller had a face off with KSI on stage and was being taunted, KSI made a comment about needing drugs to stay sane. At this point, Joe Weller took a stand and defended individuals suffering with mental health. He had the courage to stand up to another person in front of hundreds of people to defend those suffering from mental health and would not stand for it. The young man with a heart of gold he is. 

(2) His Efforts and Training – Joe Weller put in a lot of training before the fight, which he successfully got through. He had two great trainers and Joe was determined to get as fit as possible to survive the match. His motivation prepared him for a night that would really change his life.

(3) The Press Conference – This was a heated conference between the two men, due to the exchange of insults and the sly remarks that were made about what was going to happen at the boxing match. However, when KSI was smiling, laughing and making jokes about the match, Joe remained calm, patient and showed a good sense of morality, which are amazing qualities to have. He did not fight back as much as KSI did, however, his one comment really got the crowd going:

“You are going to see the difference between a guy who loves to act and a true athlete” – Joe Weller.

(4) His Perseverance – Throughout the boxing match, Joe Weller would not give-up. Even when the crowd could tell he was getting tired and his face was bloodied-up, he would not give-in until the rounds were over. The referee called it when he was getting continually punched by KSI. This proved to be a valuable lesson to many; even when life continues to throw punches at you, remember to always keep going because it will get better. 

(5) Great Sportsmanship – After the boxing match, Joe Weller shook KSI’s hand and gave a speech. The speech included how he respected his opponent for all the hard work he had put into the match. This in the eyes of many was the adjustment from a boy to a young man in a few seconds. He became a moral man with a humble outlook. 

A Young Man With A Heart Of Gold:

No matter the outcome, Joe Weller has provided his fans and the world with very valuable life lessons, which can be applied to everyday life. Never to give-up, to always persevere, to be calm in the face of animosity and to stand-up for what you believe in. From the night of the boxing match, he will be known as the man with the heart of gold and he deserves the utmost respect for making his voice heard about matters that are crucial to modern-day society. He may not have received a trophy belt, but he did receive great honour to his name and a reputable personality, which is easily better than a trophy. His personal development has seen him soar.


Even though Joe Weller lost the fight, he has won the hearts of many and has gained a great deal of respect. When he stood up for those suffering with mental health, we got a glimpse of what he supports and that he is a man of his word. He gave it his very best at the boxing match and overall, everyone was entertained. 

Joe Weller, you have done yourself, YouTube and Britain proud! 

Thank you for reading.

I am a freelance writer and aspiring author. My passion lies within UK adult education, stigmatised topics and mental health, however, I aim to keep an open mind.

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