KSI: The Man With A Heart of Steel

Picture by: KSI (2017). Twitter and Canva

On the 4th February 2018, a boxing match between Joe Weller and KSI came to a swift end, however, there were many moments leading up to the fight that were remarkable and KSI made a real impression to all his fans watching. He put in intense hours of training, would not waver from his end goal and had the support of thousands. He came out victorious and as a changed man. He became the man with a heart of steel.


Olajide William ‘JJ’ Olatunji, better known as KSI (shortened from his online clan name KSIOlajidebt), is an English YouTube personality, comedian, actor and an officially licensed rapper. He began his channel in 2009 and has gained over 10 million subscribers since then. He even has his own brand and merchandise, found here –(https://store.ksiofficial.com/).

The Boxing Match:

Why did it all start?

The two young men feuded in videos on social media long before their fight in East London through the form of ‘diss-tracks,’ demoralising tweets and profane challenge videos. Then at an Upload event, the two of them came face to face and Joe Weller shoulder barged KSI across the stage, which turned violent. Since then, both of the young men trained hard for months to finally face each other in the boxing ring where one of them would be knocked out. Not only was their reputation on the line, but also their outlook and promises to fans. All the talk they gave to one another at the panels and conferences were to come to light at the boxing match.

The Match:

On the 4th February, a boxing match between two YouTube personalities took place at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park; KSI and Joe Weller. Over 8,000 people attended the event and millions of people watched it live on YouTube. As each competitor took hard punches from one another throughout the rounds, KSI came out victorious and his brother Deji (aka the YouTube personality – ComedyShortsGamer), as well as all members of the Sidemen rushed onto the stage to celebrate with him. KSI and Joe Weller also shook hands in respect of both of their efforts; a form of great sportsmanship.

The Support of the Sidemen:

They were a huge part of KSI’s experience because he lives with a few of them. Harry, Ethan, Tobi, Simon, Vikram and Joshua were all on hand to offer him support and genuine banter before the match. His best friend, who he has known since childhood; Simon Minter (YouTube Personality – Miniminter), placed an expensive bet on KSI too, and ended up winning £10,000. 

Before the boxing match, they witnessed how much he worked out and turned up to the event in formal suits, sat at the front of the ring and supported their friend throughout the night. They were all extremely nervous, but also very proud of him as they rushed onto the stage to celebrate and lift him up as he won the match. The camera’s recorded true friendship at its finest and the sidemen had never been seen happier. 

KSI’s Inspiring Moments:

(1) His Training – KSI went through a lot of intense training and was really pushed to the limit by his two trainers. He made the transformation from a young boy to a man very quickly and was very confident for the fight. Not only was he confident, but his trainers were too. His stamina and fatigue increased immensely and the match demonstrated that throughout the rounds, KSI was not affected by the punches thrown by Joe. He put in so much work and effort into his training and it really paid-off when he became the victor at the end of the boxing match.

(2) His Confidence – KSI was very confident at both the Upload Event, Sports Conference and throughout the boxing match. He did not allow his competitor to lower his self-esteem whatsoever and remained on top throughout the events leading up to the match through to the end of the fight. He even went one step further and taunted Joe Weller at the Sports Conference, to which Joe remained silent. 

“The thing is Joe you’ve got all the pressure and I’ve got none. You’ve put all your eggs into this fight, so what are going to do when you lose? What are going you going to do next?” – KSI.

(3) He Kept To His Word – KSI kept to his word when he spoke to Joe at the conference and before then when he told his fans just how much training he was putting himself through. He told Joe how he was going to knock-him out and win the fight, which he did. He did not take the punches as much as Joe did, which helped him in coming out victorious. This showed his fans that he will stick to his word at all costs.

(4) His Determination Got Him Far – KSI was very determined and motivated to see himself come out on top. He spent 4 months training intensely with his trainers, focused on his training instead of making YouTube videos and most importantly, he believed in himself. From a young teenage boy making YouTube videos, to a professional rapper and now amateur boxer, he has really succeeded, all because he believed in himself. That is a very valuable lesson that can be applied to in life. If you believe in yourself, you will get far in life and come out successful. 

(5) Great Sportsmanship – At the end of the boxing match, KSI shook hands with Joe Weller as a way of congratulating him, but he also gave him a mention during his speech saying how much respect he has for the man and that he should be proud for the efforts he made to stick it through. He showed true sportsmanship and placed their troubles in the past, in order to start fresh for 2018.

The Young Man With A Heart Of Steel:

Even though KSI won the boxing match, he showed his fans that he will stick to his word and see it through. KSI proved to us that if you really put your mind to something that you will come out victorious. He was known for practically being un-beatable as he took no notice to any of the punches Joe was throwing his way. He will be known as the man with the heart of steel, and he deserves a lot of respect for the remarkable transformation he has made as a young man, and the effort he made in order to win the fight. He won the match and his reputation has soared in the YouTube community. Especially as he has now called out Logan and Jake Paul for a fight. Other YouTuber’s have also challenged KSI for a fight, including Furious Pete.


Even though KSI won the fight, he has also made an even bigger name for himself throughout the YouTube community and is now being challenged by other YouTube personalities. KSI did not let-up and gave it his very best at the match. Overall, everyone was entertained.

Congratulations KSI! You did yourself, your fans, your family and the Sidemen proud!

Thank you for reading.

I am a freelance writer and aspiring author. My passion lies within UK adult education, stigmatised topics and mental health, however, I aim to keep an open mind.

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