How to Make Money As A Foodie Online?

By now, many of you have witnessed people taking pictures of food at restaurants and social media has stamped them as “Foodies.” Everyone has their favorite food and drinks, some like vegetables, while others like baked goods. It all depends on a person’s origin and taste. Even those who are not fond of cooking could also be a labeled as a foodie.

Did you know some Foodies are making a living from taking pictures of their food, Blogging about food and just documenting their experience with current food trends?

How can you earn money as a foodie online? You can start your foodie journey by creating website/blog and choose a business module that best suits your needs. Here are some of them.

1. YouTube Channel

Create your own YouTube channel about foods where you can give free tutorials and visual guidance on how to prepare various meals and dishes. There are different ways to present information to your viewers. You can make a video or documentary on the signature food and beverage of a particular place and tell the viewers about its taste, origin and cooking preparation. You can also share your recipes online. There are a lot of videos showing the same foods, but with different food preparations. You can do the same recipe, but use another cooking method to make your presentation more interesting.
Frequently creating content and self-promoting your channel will help you increase the number of subscribers to your channel and earn more from sponsorships and advertisements from Google.

Check out this video from one of the Food Festivals that I attended:

2. Sell Food Related Products Online

You can sell spices, kitchen utensils and other food-related products online through eBay or Amazon. There is a thing called Private Label or “Phantom Brands.” Private Label is a service provided by a company where they would provide for example the spice but brand it with your business name. This service is used by many businesses all across the world. Creating a Private Label will give you inventory without having to create your recipe or invention.
When customers purchase your products through these online stores, they will deliver your products to the buyer within a period. They ship worldwide, so you have a large customer base to sell your products. Just keep in mind that you are required to manage your inventory in their warehouse. This means you need to spend time and a relatively good investment if you want to use this business module.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most convenient store module for a foodie who wants to make money online. You can build a website where you can blog about various food topics and include affiliate links within your content. All you need to do is to write articles about the beverage or food you have chosen and post it on your site.

*Make sure that the content you write about is the product you are selling*

People will purchase your products as your articles will influence them to check out the affiliate links. Write articles that are relevant to the topic and it will surely drive more traffic to your site. Getting more traffic means making more money online from the impressions and link clicks generated from the activity of your readers.
Promoting other supplementary food products on your site can also help you make money. Recommend these items to your viewers and you’ll get paid for every product sold through your affiliate link.
An example for affiliate links that I use is the —>Amazon Associates(Affiliates) program<— It’s simple to use and easy to get links from a vast catalog of products from A–>Z

Image Credit: Amazon

4. Advertisements

Another way to make money as a foodie online is to post sponsored or paid ads on your site. If your site is grabbing a lot of attention and you have lots of daily visitors, companies are willing to pay for a spot on your website just to place their ads. It’s simple; they want your many viewers to see their products. You can also sell your site once it gets a significant amount of traffic and visitors, you can look for an affiliate marketer who is willing to pay a reasonable price for your site or a Foodie that doesn’t want to build their website and following from scratch.


Final Thoughts

Although it may look or sound easy to be a paid Foodie, the hours put into a single piece of content requires a considerable amount of hustle. Not all your content will have a viral impact online. You need an audience to show all your work to; the real work is getting out there and sharing it with as many people as possible. Lots of bloggers and content creators on YouTube will say that you have to make the real face to face connections to connect your work organically. If you are passionate about food, then you have to work the hours to see results.

People see me as a thinker and I love solving puzzles. It’s my instinct to reverse engineer almost everything that I come in contact with. So if you need another mind to look at something, that’s me!

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