What is EA’s Playtesting Program?

Have you ever game tested before?

I did! Electronic Arts(EA) is offering individuals an opportunity to make games even better through their Playtest program.
Star Wars: Battlefront, Fifa, NHL, Plants Vs. Zombies, Need for Speed, The SIMS, Titanfall and Battlefield are just a few franchises developed by EA. So you could imagine what impact your opinions and feedback will have towards video games in general?

What are Playtesters?

Playtesters are individuals who attend sessions to test video games or game related projects. The job of a Playtester is to provide feedback after they have completed the specific tasks during their Playtest sessions. The information is used to help the game developers improve the actual product before releasing it to the general public. This is a crucial part of the success of any game product because of the collected data from the live testings.
EA Playtesters are required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement(NDA) to ensure no spoilers will be leaked or any information about the Playtest sessions they have attended. If you do, you will be in trouble with EA”s legal team. So it is important to keep it Top Secret.

Where are Playtests Sessions Held?

The Playtest sessions that I’ve personally attended took place at the headquarters of EA in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. There are other EA studios where Playtesting opportunities are also available. I have heard that Seattle, WA does Playtests for Mobile Games and is not open at the Burnaby locations and others. Some Playtests are also remotely tested from the comfort of your home.

Playtest Locations:

  • Redwood City, California (USA)
  • Seattle, Washington (USA)
  • Orlando, Florida (USA)
  • Burnaby, BC (Canada)
  • Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Guildford (UK)
  • Melbourne (Australia)


How do I sign up for these Playtests?

There are a few places to sign up for Playtesting. The first time that I’ve heard about Playtesting was through a sponsored Facebook Ad. Anyone the age of 19 years old or 18 in some places may participate in these sessions. Although, it is possible that a teenager 17 years and under may participate in these Playtests. For a teenager (17 and under) to Playtest, a parent or guardians signed consent must be given.

You can sign up HERE  and additional information on Playtesting are listed below.



Website: playtesting.ea.com

How are Playtesters chosen?

To be chosen for a Playtest depends on many factors. Here are a few known factors:

  1. All skill levels are welcome – Even if you have never played that genre before, you still have a fair chance to be chosen compared to an experienced player.
  2. Availability – It helps to be available at all times listed in your invitation. If not, mark down what times you can attend from the schedule provided. Don’t mark down you’re available when there’s a chance that you are not.
  3. Respond to invitations right away – As soon as you receive an invite via email, respond to it right away and fill out the survey.
  4. Be honest – Be truthful when answering your surveys because this determines where you fit in with the Playtest.
  5. Backups – EA also needs backups to attend just in case there are no-shows. When Playtests backups are not required, you will receive your free reward and get to leave right away (win-win situation).
  6. Last minute invites – Sometimes EA will need last-minute Playtesters or backups, these positions fill up quickly.  You usually get a better chance at being chosen because it is a first come first serve basis.

Don’t feel discouraged if you did not get selected for a Playtest session. One of the frustrating parts with signing up for a Playtest is that EA doesn’t send a confirmation out if you were NOT selected. Depending on the survey results, you will eventually fit the criteria for a Playtest so keep signing up for each session.

What do you get for Playtesting?

Playtesting is not a job position, therefore EA will compensate you with free games. Consequently, the number of free games differs from each Playtest invitation. Longer Playtest sessions reward more games in exchange for your participation. EA will provide lunch for Playtests that are 6-8 hours long and more.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I enjoy doing Playtests. The fact that I played a role even in reality it’s minimal, I provided feedback that may help improve a game/project.
EA will continue hosting the Playtest program as long as there are no leaks. Sign up now and when you are chosen, have fun Playtesting.


People see me as a thinker and I love solving puzzles. It’s my instinct to reverse engineer almost everything that I come in contact with. So if you need another mind to look at something, that’s me!

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