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Under 18 Rules and Guidelines To Publishing Content:

Here are a few rules and guidelines for you to follow when publishing on the site. Please be aware that if these are not followed, we have the right to remove your content from the site. Breaching these guidelines more than three times will result in your immediate termination from the platform.

General Rules:

There are five basic rules that you must uphold when on the Creative Unity Platform. They are very basic, but cover the entire category. Breaching any of these rules will result in three warnings to begin with. If you go over the warning limit, you will be terminated from the platform altogether and your content will be deleted.

  1. Cyber-bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If it is found on the site, you will be immediately barred from publishing articles in the future and removed from the platform.
  2. Make sure you only publish content in the ‘Under 18’s Category.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable or disturbed by an article, please email us and specify a reason as to why it makes you feel that way.
  4. The use of profanity needs to be kept to a minimum. If you are to use profane language, please censor it using asterixes (‘****’) as there are younger viewers on the platform.
  5. Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything contributor or platform related – creativeunityonline@gmail.com. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Publishing Guidelines For Content:

Below are a few basic points to consider before you send your content to us. You must remember that we must review and approve your content before it is published to the site, just in case there is inappropriate wording or imagery in the article etc.

  1. Please be considerate in the ‘Under 18’ category because it consists of 13-18 year olds. What may be suitable for an 18 year old, may not be suitable for a 13 year old.
  2. Before any of your content is published onto the platform, please remember that we must thoroughly review it to ensure it is appropriate for all viewers.
  3. Make sure the use of profane language is kept to a minimum. Censor profane words with asterixes (***), to prevent it as being viewed as offensive content.
  4. If you can, install ‘Grammarly’ on your technological device, which will correct any grammatical errors in your content. It is free to install and recommended.
  5. Please ensure that any imagery or graphics used in your content are suitable for under 18’s, otherwise we will be unable to publish it onto the platform. Example – Images should not include nude, violence, illegal drug-use, profanity or propaganda etc.
  6. If your content may be disturbing to others, please place a ‘warning’ or ‘disclaimer’ at the beginning of the article in italics and brackets. Example – (Disclaimer – This article may be viewed as offensive. Proceed with caution).
  7. Using other people’s materials will require you to source / cite them in your content, including images. Failure to do so could result in fraud charges against you by the author for copyright.
  8. Featured images within your content should be within the dimension of a least – 585 x 476px.
  9. Please make sure you separate your paragraphs with sub-headings to make it clear what you are trying to get across within your content.
  10. If you have any ideas on monthly themes,general questions or queries, then please do not hesitate to get into contact with us via creativeunityonline@gmail.com. We encourage feedback and want to know your thoughts.