-For you-

Established in late 2017, Creative Unity is an online platform designed to ensure contributors can upload and share their content within a friendly and ever-growing community. We want to give you the opportunity to share your experiences, get to know you better as people and give you the chance to get your work out there for the rest of the world to see. Everyone deserves a bit of recognition every now and again, and the power of words, pictures and more can have a truly lasting effect on those who take the time to look at every detail. What if we could learn what life is like in another country through someone’s picture? Or read the short stories of future authors?

This is a chance to contribute your content on a site visible to other countries, the opportunity to get more involved with individuals that have similar interests to you, and most of all, the chance to continue doing what you are passionate about. Are you the person to capture others through your work?

Creativity has the power to show you the smaller and more intricate details. It gives you a new perspective on life and draws you in with the powerful stroke of one’s hand. Here at Creative Unity, we hope to provide you with the brush and let you do the rest…

-Mission Statement-

The mission of Creative Unity is to achieve a high standard in the development and production of creative content on this platform. It is an inclusive community dedicated to the promotion, innovation and excellence in good quality content, creative activity and it provides its readers to voice opinions on the content available on the site.

We welcome and support individuals from all over the world that contributes knowledge, experiences and artistic expression both nationally and internationally.

-Our Vision-

To create a transparent, friendly and engaging website for all creative individuals to share, utilise and promote their work on.